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Photon Lighted USB Cable (Blue or Teal)
USB A to Lightning Connector (3ft.)

PipeLine’s Photon Lightning cables set a new standard for performance and user experience. Not only do these remarkable cables charge and sync all current-generation iDevices, they actually glow with traveling, pulsing light as they charge. Moreover, they provide a properly engineered path for playing digital music through any component with a USB input, including car stereos, A/V receivers, and powered desktop speakers.

Our Photon cables are available in black with a choice of either blue or teal pulsing light, to provide an effective, dynamic, and beautiful way to charge and sync your mobile devices. Mix and match to add color and excitement to any ordinary countertop, desktop, or car interior. Finally—cables with colorful personalities to match your own! You’ll never have to hide your cables again. PipeLine’s Photon is the rare cable that you’ll want to share with the world!

Available in blue or teal


Engineered for clearer, more natural sound

Reliable, durable, and capable of charging, syncing, and delivering clean, clear music from today’s versatile mobile devices.

3 ft. Long Lighted Cable

Avaialable in blue or teal. Dynamic, beautiful way to charge and sync mobile devices. PipeLine Photon cables add color and life to any countertop, workspace, or car interior.

Indicates Charging and Data Transfer

While charging and syncing tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, and all sorts of other devices, Photon cables pulse with soft, glowing light, indicating the charge status: when charging is complete, the pulsing stops.
Not intended for use with Fast-Charging Technology!