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3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable (4ft/10ft)
ET-4 Audio Cable (Black/Red/White)

PipeLine's ET-4 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Audio cable is a rigorously engineered low-distortion means for connecting all sorts of equipment, such as smartphones, iPods® and other portables to powered speakers, components, and to car audio systems. There are skinnier cables on the market, but ET-4 is thin and flexible and uses a no-compromise, low-distortion construction for a sound difference that'll tickle your ears.

ET-4 3.5mm makes full use of PipeLine’s in-depth understanding of analog cable design and manufacturing. Solid High-Purity High-Performance Copper (HPPC) conductors completely avoid strand-interaction distortion. HPPC's fewer impurities and longer copper “grains” ensure greater clarity and naturalness. Foamed-Polyethylene insulation minimizes unproductive electrical interaction.

Headphones that use cable with 3.5mm plugs on both ends are just waiting for the wonderful, in-your-ears improvement provided by ET-4 3.5mm.

Available in 4ft. black, red, and white, or in 10ft. black.


Solid High-Purity High-Performance Copper Conductors (HPPC)

Conductor quality is critically important for any audio or video cable. Solid conductors completely avoid strand-interaction distortion, while High-Purity High-Performance Copper (HPPC) has fewer impurities for improved clarity and naturalness.

Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation

Minimizes harmful electrical interaction between conductors.

Thin, Durable, Flexible Design

Helps with cable management and simplifies use in tight areas.