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3.5mm to RCA Audio Cable (3ft/6ft)
ET-4 Audio Cable

The world of audio components is no longer confined to traditional receivers, amplifiers, and disc players, but now incorporates the far broader spectrum of mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, powered desktop speakers, and more. As such, today’s audio components demand cabling that can withstand the rigors of daily use–cabling that is durable, flexible, user-friendly, and capable of accommodating today’s most prevalent connectivity options.

In designing our ET-4 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Audio Cable, we focused on these demands, while never losing sight of the critical need for superior audio performance.

In PipeLine ET-4, you now have a properly engineered, low-distortion cable to connect your mobile phone, tablet, or PC to powered desktop speakers or even a traditional stereo receiver.

Available in 3ft and 6ft lengths


Solid Conductors

Solid HPPC Conductors completely prevent strand-interaction distortion.

Balanced Geometry

Balanced Asymmetrical Geometry optimizes both positive and negative signal paths.

100% Shield Coverage

Contributes to low noise, image focus, and pure sound.

Connection Diagram