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Solid Long Grain Copper HDMI
ET-3 LGC HDMI Cable (4ft./6ft./8ft./12ft.)

ET-3 HDMI cable makes full use of PipeLine’s in-depth understanding of the challenges of good HDMI cable design, and employs its most sophisticated solutions. The Solid Long Grain Copper (LGC) conductors reduce distortion, compared to stranded conductors or conductors made of a lesser material. To further reduce distortion and increase the cable's reliability, cold-weld connections are used instead of hand-soldered connections.

Audio information is remarkably easy to damage. Fortunately, PipeLine knows how to minimize any change to the information package — a difference that's easy to hear. Whether watching the evening news or immersing yourself in a favorite concert video, PipeLine ET-3 provides a superior experience thanks to its informed application of leading-edge design and materials.

Available in 4ft., 6ft., 8ft., and 12ft. lengths.


Superior Materials

Solid Long Grain Copper (LGC) conductors reduce distortion compared to stranded conductors or lesser materials

User Friendly

Short Plug Fits where others don't.

Advanced Assembly Processes

Cold-Weld Connections reduce distortion and increase reliability vs. hand-soldered connections.


Conductor directionality controlled to minimize noise and maximize performance.

High Speed Ultra HD

Tested to transmit 18Gbps Ultra HD 4K/60p when used with HDMI 2.0 electronics.

Reliable Performance

100% Quality control tested to ensure reliability and performance.