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Screen Cleaning Kit

Ordinary glass and window cleaners contain chemicals that can permanently damage the polymer surface of computer and video screens. The coated lenses of cameras and eyeglasses are also vulnerable. CleanScreen uses the correct solvents for eliminating sticky dust, haze, fingerprints, etc., while killing static and polishing the viewing surface.

Each of the enclosed CleanScreen bottles comes with its own soft, washable microfiber cloth. Microfiber filaments are extremely fine; one ounce of microfiber is over 160 miles long. Cloth woven with microfiber yarn is a remarkably soft and effective cleaner, even when used dry. The cloth's "pineapple" texture increases surface area, further increasing absorbency of fluids, oils or makeup, and reducing drying time. Not all microfiber formulations are equal. CleanScreen Microfiber Cloths are optimized for even the most delicate surfaces, either with or without fluid, as the situation requires.

The CleanScreen Retractable Brush can be used to remove larger dirt particles before using the fluid or microfiber cloth. However, the soft and safe brush is especially useful as a daily dust cleaner for laptop and monitor screens and keyboards.


Large Spray Bottle

Master bottle, good for 450 Big Screens (150ml) and a soft waffle cloth perfect for cleaning screens


Travel-Size Bottle (1ml) and Smaller Screen Microfiber Cloth

Handy Cleaning Brush

Retractable cleaning brush is soft and safe on most electronics