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Fast-Charging & Data-Safe USB Cable (3ft.)
USB A to Micro USB Charging Cable

In today’s fast-paced world, time is often our most valuable and most limited resource. We shouldn’t have to waste it, waiting anxiously for our smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other intelligent devices to charge.

PipeLine’s Data-Safe & Fast-Charging Cable uses sophisticated circuitry to accurately identify a connected USB device and determine its power requirements, thus eliminating unnecessary current restrictions to allow the maximum amount of current to be used only for charging. Further minimizing charge times, the fast-charge circuitry prevents the connected device from entering data-transfer mode. This has the added benefit of protecting against data theft and/or viruses from unknown USB ports.


Fast Charging Function

On average, known current smartphones charge 93% faster thanks to the built-in Fast-Charging circuit. (Tested range is from 25% to 300% faster.)

Data-Safe Function

The Cable has no data connection, making your device immune to malware or data theft when charging at a public facility, such as USB charging outlets found in airports, classrooms, offices, and other public places.

Please note: Do not use the Data-Safe & Fast-Charging Cable with a fast-charging USB adaptor. Doing so may damage the connected device.

Wiring Diagram